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We have an in-house experienced maintenance team that look after our properties both student and professional lets, saving time and cost when matter arise



Pay your rent on Time – Set up a standing order with your bank for your regular payments

Be considerate to Neighbours – Treat neighbours as you wished to be treated. You can be evicted for Anti-social behaviour.

Look after your property – Check that you have tenant’s insurance in place, to cover your contents and liability insurance in the event of accidental damage to the Landlords property.

Ask permission to paint/decorate and if you want to add pictures to the walls etc from your Landlord via us in writing.

Ensure that you know where the stop cock is and how to turn off the water in an emergency.

Check how the boiler works to use the heating and hot water.

Where the fire escape is in the event of an emergency?

Where the electric fuse box is if the electric ‘trips’ to turn back on again.

Check the location of the smoke alarms/CO2 alarms and test once a month by pressing the test button.

Maintain the property by regularly cleaning and removing rubbish into the correct bins see for the details.

Check for details of when the bins will be collected and place bins out for collection on the appropriate day.

Do not at anytime pour oil or fat into the drainage system. Ensure that the shower/bath is checked for the build of soap and hair in the plugholes and any razor heads/covers etc. Are removed.

Ventilate the property by opening the windows regularly. Avoid drying clothes on radiators where possible.

Communal areas are to be kept clear of personal belongings. Do not store items on stairs at any time to avoid trip hazards.

If the property provides a dishwasher/washing machine or fridge clean regularly, leave door open when not in use.

If a tumble drier is provided, please remove the filter and dispose of the ‘fluff’ in the correct bin.

If a sofa is provided please do not sit on the arms, or lay on the sofa and kick the arms out of place.

Report any repairs to the Landlord in a timely manner. Most repairs can be arranged during business hours, if left unreported this could result in an emergency situation.

Our normal office hours are 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday (inclusive).  We will advise you if there is any change to our office opening hours at any time.

During normal office hours all emergencies occurring must be reported directly to the office as soon as practicable by phoning 01752 604242.

Outside normal office hours all emergencies occurring are to be reported to Andy Smith on 07778 852650.

Andy Smith is instructed to respond to EMERGENCIES connected to property matters ONLY.   I.e.:  if you call him at 2am because you have been out and lost your keys and can’t get into the accommodation, you will be liable for payment of the call-out charge (the standard charge at the time of writing is £40 + VAT per call-out).

BEFORE reporting any matters outside of normal office hours, PLEASE consider whether the matter really is an EMERGENCY.

An EMERGENCY is a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring IMMEDIATE action.   An EMERGENCY poses an IMMEDIATE RISK to health, life or property and requires IMMEDIATE intervention to prevent the situation from worsening.

Some EMERGENCIES may be self-evident other smaller incidents require your subjective opinion as to whether it qualifies as an emergency.

Examples of EMERGENCIES include: – Examples of NON-EMERGENCIES include: –
· Fire· Fire alarm sounding· Total power failure· Flood / burst water pipes· Burglary / attempted break in · Forgotten your keys· Light bulb needs changing· Appliance not working· Poor internet connection· Minor leak

If a matter is not an emergency, please take appropriate action to provide a temporary fix to prevent the situation worsening or becoming a danger to others (for example:  place a note on the washing machine to let other users know it is not working / it is leaking, unplug the appliance and mop up any water leakage).  Report the incident to the office as soon as you can so that it can be dealt with when the office re-opens.

Please contact the office if you have any concerns or queries about what constitutes an emergency / non-emergency. If a contractor is called as an emergency when it is not justified, you will be liable for the costs.


Maintain the structure and exterior of the property.

Fit smoke alarms on every floor and carbon monoxide alarms in rooms using solid fuels –  such as coal and wood – and make sure they are working at the start of your tenancy. If they are not there, ask your landlord to install them.

Deal with any problems with the water, electricity and gas supply.

Maintain any appliances and furniture they have supplied. 

Carry out most repairs.

Arrange an annual gas safety check by a Gas Safe engineer (where there are any gas appliances).

Give at least 24 hours’ notice of visits for things like repairs – the landlord cannot walk in whenever they like.

Get a licence for the property, if it is a licensable property.

Insure the building to cover the costs of any damage from flood or fire.

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